I’ve been aware of the “Scarcity” program for a while, but was hesitant on putting deposit amount to a company that you didn’t work before with. Though it took about a month to get a decent domain with powerful and clean link profile, it was worth the wait. I knew that good domains are rare and was ready to wait. The domain has Has a super strong and natural, clean and niche related backlink profile with the best links coming from authority sites like: Wikipedia.org, About.com, Wikia.com, DMOZ.org, YellowPages.com, ElMundo.com, UnCrate.com… Communication with Alex was easy and the domain transfer was made in a day. Now, it’s time to put the domain to work.

Thank you Alex and the team behind SEOdomains.co!

Philip, Online Entrepreneur

tom_fb I needed to find a really strong, brandable domain for one of my new ventures.

Luckily Alex was on hand to help and had the perfect domain for me. I’m absolutely overjoyed with what I’ve purchased from him.

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Tom Belfort, SEOExperiments.com

I have been working with Alex for over a year now and his service just gets better and better. He’s helped me grow my network that has allowed me to rank on the first page for some very competitive attorney keywords. Besides offering domains with a clean profile and great links, he is always there to answer any questions that I have about SEO.

It’s nearly impossible to find someone as knowledgeable as Alex that will give away free advice. He is always up to date with the latest trends and is happy to share his expertise. Alex is an overall great guy that really knows his trade. I definitely recommend this service to anyone looking for high quality domains at a good value. I look forward to an ongoing business relationship!

I’m a customer that works exclusively with people from France so I was a little bit nervous at first when I purchased domains from Alex… But when he showed me the goods! Oh my!

Alex managed to over deliver and push the quality to another level. I was more than satisfied with the domains he gave. I would recommend his service to agencies, seo guys, marketers, everyone.

M. Enzo, SEO Consultant

Just wanted to say thank’s to you Alex and your SEOdomains.co team for your great work and support! We really appreciate your honesty and high quality of the service you provide!

Hope you keep up with the good work,

Stefan Grasic, Co Founder of First Page Elite

I have purchased domains in the past for various experiments and can highly recommend SEODomains.co. Each domain has a clean link profile with high DA & TF, I am looking forward to working with Alex in more experiments in the near future.

Mitch Menghi, CEO at www.menkom.com.au

We have been working with Alex for over a year now using his domains to achieve fantastic results for my client’s websites. We were so impressed with the results we have even been using his service to increase the ranks of our own domain and we’re now top 3 for our main keywords.

Not only are his domains at the very top level of any out there, he is an unbelieveable nice guy. We don’t have a bad word to say about him or his service & we look forward to a continued business relationship.

Tom Smith, CEO at Black Wolf SEO Ltd

We have been working with them over a year for now. We have received over 700 beautiful and powerful domains for our network. No doubt, they are #1 PBN domain provider on the market and we are not even considering using another service! All domains come with clean backlink profiles and strong links – what more can you ask? Definitely would and will suggest them to our clients and to everyone who’s looking for high quality, strong domains for their networks.

Jaan, Founder of Priority Prospect LLC

These are guys who know their stuff to the core. We can just vouch that these guys are definitely an unsung market leader in this space.

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Soundarya Anantha Raman, CEO at Edfoledge.com

SEODomains.co have been working together with us for almost a year now, and with their vast amount of experience in SEO, they have provided us with the most valuable domains for our SEO services. The results are amazing, and even our very first clients from last year, are still going strong with stable and profitable positions, even for very competitive keywords. I am all but satisfied with this partnership.

Jesper Jørgensen, Founder of SEOLite.dk

Alex sold me a batch of .au domains and the incoming links to them were fantastic and much better than I anticipated. Since then I have made SEODomains.co my first choice when buying high quality domains.

Kyle, 3D Rendering Expert at Quick 3D

I have been working with them almost 3 months now and will continue working together. I have received over 250 powerful domains, compared to what I’ve been getting from other suppliers. A batch of domains they delivered is very fast with the domains information which is very clear, so I don’t need to subscribe to any tools.

They are very professional, they have a “TLDs request service” which no other supplier offers. You can exchange the domain you don’t want to and they will change it until you’re happy but in my case all domains they were sent to me always made me happy.

Besides supplying domains to me, they also answer all questions I had about SEO. No doubt about their service and will keep continue doing business & look forward to be a friendship.

Kevin, “don’t publish my niche or website please”

I have bought and used quite strong domains for my websites and for the clients. The expertise of Alex for domains network building is top-notch and would recommend it to everyone.

His support was awesome and always ready to help. I got plenty of advice for specific and more general SEO topics which was very helpful to me.

Kiril P, SEO consultant

I have purchased over 30 domains from SEODomains.co with awesome clean records and great links. Customer service is second to none. Alex always helped me with problems that were not even a part of the purchasing of the domains. I would give this service and the domains they provide an A+ all the way.

Teddy P, Locksmith

As you can see from the attached image, Alex’s PBN’s got me immediate results. As a result, this site is bringing in consistent monthly recurring revenue.

Alex and I have been working very closely on several projects for the past year or so. Alex is very giving, genuine, knowledgeable and supportive in all his work. Alex is eager to help and answers all questions. He goes above and beyond the required minimums with his support. I am happy to recommend him and his team.

Alex has a very unique ability and insight into Google’s algorithm, as a result, he has narrowed down what the seach giant is looking for. His domain selection is TOP NOTCH. He taught me what to look for and what is most important for ranking.

Results speak for themselves. With Alex on team, there is absolutely nothing I wont be able to rank and collect monthly revenue from. Proper site set up and structure is very important as well, along with many other on page factors, but as for off page factors, Alex has nailed it!

Thank you Alex – SEO Domains!

Elbert Dugdale, Local SEO Expert – Portland Lead Generation Company

I have been working with Alex and his team from last 1 year and i am very happy with the kind of support we have got i would rate it 10/10. He is an expert when it comes to building PBN & finding domains for PBN. I highly recommend using SEODomains.co for buying domains.

Shashank, Facebook Marketing Software Developer

Alex has given me a great service when I was looking to buy some domains for my PBN, but the most surprising service came AFTER the sale, he has been really, really helpful one of the best around, and believe me if I tell you I have bought domains from several services, and that I have been around for a while.

Miguel, Online Adult Business Owner

Great service and products. The domains I bought from SEODomains.co were carefully selected to match my requirements and all of them had very powerful links coming from some of authoritative sites in my country. The communication with Alex was always quick and helpful, and of course the results so far have been satisfying. Another plus is the ongoing support I keep receiving when needed.

Alessandro, SEO Expert