…is the right word to describe the current state of things in the SEO domains industry.

Check the marketplace here on if you don’t believe me.

%99 of all listed domains are marked as SOLD.

And not just marked…





And the ones still listed for sale…

Well.. we probably forgot to mark them as sold. LOL.

It is what it is guys.

Building super anonymous, powerful and juicy private blog networks is STILL…
(at the moment of writing this, 27th of July 2016 UPDATED: 11th of April 2017)
… one of the most efficient way to rank your money sites and SEO clients in Google.

Links from good quality relevant or less relevant sites WORK REALLY WELL.

And no one will be able to stop that anytime soon.


Domains are beyond Google.

They carry traffic.

They carry authority.

Google itself needs a domain to run lol

And the main reason YOU aren’t able to easily scrape, find and buy your own domains
is simply because no good domains are allowed to fully EXPIRE and become available
for registration, days, hours, minutes or even seconds after their exact final expiration or drop date.



… plus you need to focus on your own business, clients, selling, etc

And there is so little time to manage it all…

But guess what?

We are 100% focused on getting all the best domains that carry authority and are good for SEO.

We form a dedicated team of 7 guys and girls doing this day and night, 24/7.

No kidding…

We take shifts.

We really do!

We eat and breath domain spam-checking…

We drink our morning coffee while analyzing backlink profiles…

If the domain is strong, aged, clean, hasn’t been abused in the past and can benefit our SEO ventures…


…we grab it.

We invest in domains we believe in because we aren’t simply ‘sellers’.

We make money gaming Google.

And we know what works.

We test the heck out of every possible ranking angle.

So that’s why we won’t ever offer you domains that we won’t use ourselves!

We believe in our domains.

We love them.


My partner Dan is totally against us selling domains and is lately trying to convince me to stop doing it.

And he is right.

There aren’t enough domains to please everyone.

As I have said at the beginning…


All you out there trying to buy our PBN/SEO domains are nothing more than OUR COMPETITORS lol

Those juicy domains will look much better in our own PBN than your portfolios.


But the truth is, we’ve managed to make so many friends, meet so many interesting folks and establish profitable partnerships just due to helping people get AWESOME domains…

… that we plan to continue selling a % of our SEO domains…

Well, at least for a few more months.

Everyone deserves a chance to enjoy gaming Google and make money.

And the truth is…

We can help YOU.



For most SEOs, but not for us.

We still get stock on a daily basis.

We’ve got resources, skills and know the tricks of the trade.

And while most SEO domains go to our private blog network…

We can afford to sell quite a few gems to those
who REALLY want to succeed in this industry.

But the Instagram pic of your six pack or beautiful wife won’t make us offer YOU the best domains to choose from…


That’s NOT how it works.

Good domains aren’t laying around anymore…

And we can’t even afford to add them to our marketplace here on

SCARCITY, remember?

There is such a big demand when it comes to good quality domains nowadays….

That we need a commitment from YOU in order to deliver.

YOU need domains.


We need YOUR commitment.

from us at the moment is to PRE-ORDER.

Allocate a budget.

Decide how many and what type of domains you want…

…and send us an inquiry using the form below.

We’ll get back to you with a PayPal or 2checkout invoice in less than 24 hours.

Pay the invoice and you’re all set.

The deposited amount is your ‘credit’ with us on file.

As soon as the payment is confirmed you’re all set…

And we’ll soon start offering domains for review.


All domains we provide can be analyzed, approved or rejected, until you are 100% happy with the batch you got.

Why do we allow this?

Well, as I have mentioned above.

1. We use these domains ourselves.

2. We trust them.

3. We get kick-ass results using them.

It’s our bread and butter so to say.

So in case you don’t like a domain we offer, we’ll just add it our own network and offer an different one for review shortly.

It’s how it works.

We won’t b*tch about you not liking a domain.


You have a deposit with us, let’s say $2000 USD, just for the sake of this example.

We offer you for $300.00 (or anything ranging between $100.00 and $2000.00)

You say YAY or NAY.

If YAY, domain is going to pushed to your registrar account and $300.00 deducted from your balance so you have $1700.00 more to go.

If NAY, we just use it ourselves and offer another one for you to review.

We take pre-orders for both generic and niche specific domains.

One friendly request though.

Don’t go into super specific niches when ordering domains.

Like legit ‘certified locksmith or plumbing domains’…

As there are no STRONG authority domains in these ‘ultra-specific impossible to get hold of’ niches.

Instead write down HOME IMPROVEMENT…

… as we are 100% convinced you are smart enough to find the right angle when posting an article to a home improvement domain in order to get that juicy link to your site or client.

A link, money site, 301 redirect or whatever you need that domain for.

That’s it folks.

Plain simple.


And… we’re flooded with pre-orders.

So to stand a chance and make sure the domains you need are booked for YOU to review…

Place a deposit with us.

Complete the form below and let us to get back to you with a PayPal or 2checkout invoice.

Handle it.

And then patiently wait for us to start offering you those SERP crushing authority SEO domains.

And we’re not kidding about it.

We don’t get the left overs (!?)

We get the best domains out there!

So yeah, complete the order form below…

And let’s do business.


Nuff said.


Here’s what some of our happy clients have to say:

Not conviced? Click here to read more testimonials.


So what are you waiting for?

Complete the form below to place YOUR pre-order today.





Alex Drew aka alexthepbndude
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Won’t b*tch about you not liking a domain and exchange it asap LOL



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