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Scammers of the Expired Domains Industry


I see a few people have recommended me and my domains, so I believe I’m going to leave a comment and try to explain what is really going on in the expired industry nowadays.

First of all, the market is simply flooded with people who wanted to get onto the bandwagon of PBNs. Private blog networks here, private blog networks there, private blog networks everywhere. However, the ugly part is that only very few of these folks really understand SEO or have been in the game for quite some time, have enough experience to be able to provide some really efficient guidelines and advice to anyone seeking SEO domains.

Basically there are 2 main things that I would like to tackle:

1) There are rarely any powerful scraped domains available for registration. You are buying left-overs. Even worse. You are buying ‘names’ from sellers who don’t even have the budget and decency to pay $10 and register the domain. They are afraid they won’t be able to sell it in case they buy it. So they don’t bother ‘investing’ $10 in a name. Stop buying ‘names’ that you can register yourself and start buying quality domains from someone’s stock. If you are at least a little bit familiar with the domaining industry you should probably know and understand NO ONE will ever let quality domains slip pass the expiration period.


And I’m talking here about the two main statuses of a domain when it becomes available to the crowd. These are the DAILY pre-release lists and the pending delete ones. With that being said, stop thinking that having a budget of $10-15 for a domain is going to ever get you any quality stuff. A TF 25 domain powered by 2 links is worth basically nothing. You are going to have a nice random generic name in your registrar account the moment those 2 links drop the following month. Nothing more, nothing less. Just a name.

2) Good quality, juicy domains with high metrics, powered by really solid natural and contextual links from big sites are usually sought after by more than one person, the moment they are available to the afternic crowd. That’s why they go to auction, dropping or not, preserving their age or not, they go to auction. Yep, good/great SEO domains reach hundreds (if not even thousands) in auctions. That’s why you have to understand this and pay the price when you are getting a high quality domain. If you believe you can get away with $30 USD for a so called ‘high metric’ powerful domain, you are being scammed and lied to. STOP. Good domains cost money.


Sellers rarely give a damn about you and your business. They simply want to sell you domains. As I have previusly said. It’s all those that wanted to get into the bandwagon of PBNs and make a buck on the PBN buzz. However, that’s not the biggest problem too. It’s people who totally lack a deep understanding of SEO and will try to convince you it’s metrics you should look at. It’s people trying to sell you links on their so called ‘private’ (yet public) networks with ‘high metrics’ without letting you check the backlink profile of those domains.

And I could go on and on and on…

No pun intended, but the OP is right. Plenty of scammers and people who just want to make a quick sale here and there. There are probably 2 more folks in the expired domains industry who sell quality stuff that I personally know.

With that being said, please try to understand high quality domains with metrics should be backed-up/powered by high quality backlinks. Also, don’t get lured into the ‘high TF domains powered by niche relevant worthless directory links’ trap. Majestic isn’t Google and they aren’t perfect when it comes to assesing the true power of a domain. Topical trust flow is just nice to have. Nothing more.

My rant is over.

Let me know if you have any questions.